Okta/Auth0 Customer-Workshop in Magdeburg

Event date: June 06.

Oparco hosted an official Okta workshop in our Magdeburg. The representatives from Okta – Alex, Kevin and Tobias introduced the key features of Okta’s functionality and answered the burning questions of the customers developer team, who joined us for the workshop. Markus our CEO presented some code to present the extensibility of Okta/Auth0 in customer projects.

Following is an overview of some topics that were also covered during our day-long workshop:

  1. Password hashing
  2. Biometric Authentication
  3. De-centralised Identity
  4. Device Authentication
  5. Dedicated dashboard
  6. Product extensions based on custom actions
  7. Token and access management
  8. Deploy and Monitor facilities

..and more!

Oparco is the leading technology and integration partner of Okta in D-A-CH and you can contact us for your consulting and development needs. The whole process is accomplished according to industry standards for IAM and project management (Scrum, Agile).